Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My First purchase from ShoeDazzle

Hello, Followers!
Two weeks ago I came across a Groupon for ShoeDazzle, at a first time customer rate of $19! For those out of the loop, ShoeDazzle usually charges $39 per month for a pair of heels. They didn't even ask me to enter in my credit card number, which I hate doing! Like I'm sure most of you do too! After going back and forth through the massive selection of heels I finally picked the "Nora" heel!

I was amazed by the extremely cute packaging that includes a dust bag! Nice touch there ShoeDazzle!:-)

 They're so high, yet so sexy! I love the buckle detail on these, it's so unique! I will say they're not the most comfortable heels, but for $19 I couldn't help but keep them!

Did you guys notice my hot pink nail polish? Now, I've never been a pink lover, actually I used to HATE pink! However, when I went in to the salon to get a mani/ pendi I fell in love with the color! Now I'm obsessed.

I ended up getting some gel on my nails that makes the nail polish last longer! I'm pretty sure it was made by O.P. I. too! OMG, its been on for a week and not a chip! I couldn't be more satisfied! Well, I'm off to bed. Goodnight followers!


  1. i know, shoedazzle rocks! it's so easy!!! i was impressed too with my first pair, the package is so cute! enjoy ur new pair, they are beautiful<3


  2. Try Shellac on your nails. They have a very similar pink to the one that you have on, and it's guaranteed no chipping for 2 weeks ;)
    On toes, it can last as long as 2 months!

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    @Gaily- I will totally look into Shellac, I love the idea of not having to change the polish for 2 weeks! Woohoo! <3