Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mojo Moxy's Summer Giveaway

Well, hello blog world!
I'm going to jump right into this.
In May, I found a wonderful Facebook fan page called Mojo Moxy. Apparently, I had liked this page at the same time Izzy (Mojo Moxy) was giving away 31 pairs of Mojo Moxy Poppy's, one for each day in May!  I have NEVER won any of the giveaway's on facebook before, so I thought I'd give this one a try. After almost two weeks of facebook posts and tweeting I finally won a pair! A week later, I received my Poppy's!
  I even love the labeling on the box! I'm such a sucker for cute packaging!
 They're so different from all the other heels that I own, that they literally took my breath away!
 A spiderweb as their symbol? O to the M to the G, I thought this was so cute, that I sent my friend a picture as soon as I noticed this fabulous detail!
 These are definitely a pair that will need to be taken care of, since the flowers are cloth and can easily collect dirt!
Comfort is definitely one of the benefits I look for in a pump, and these are great in that aspect. They also have a large peep toe area, allowing for 3 toes to show! This allows for better comfort for the finger toed people like me! :-)

Izzy will also be having another giveaway in the Fall, which I will definitely be taking part in! Go like Mojo Moxy !!


  1. I love, love, love the color and flower details of those shoes! I'm now a fan! Wish I had a pair in my size!