Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mojo Moxy Madness

It's been some time since I've written a blog post, but honestly I've kind of missed it.

Well, if you remember back in May of this year I won a pair of Mojo Moxy's. Click HERE to read that post. The lovely Izzy from Mojo Moxy had informed us that there would be another giveaway happening in the Fall. Well, after MONTHS of waiting, fall is finally here! I had been waiting patiently impatiently, and was recently contacted by Izzy, and that she would be sending me a pair of Mojo Moxy Magic's. All I needed to do was blog about them! I didn't hesitate and am completely honored that I was selected to receive these gorgeous shoes. Now I'll shut up zip it, so we can get down to business!

Just the hot pink writing on the box has me giddy! :-)

At last, the beautiful Mojo Moxy Magic! These babies are extremely sexay! Ohhh La La! 

Here's their signature spider web symbol! Could I love it any more? Nope! Not at all!

The velvety suede upper, and the adorable quilted look with polished pin-head accents make this black Magic a masterpiece!
These sexy Magic's are over 4", with a platform, and OMG are they comfy! When I first put them on, I was walking around the house for hours! The boyfriend thought I had lost my mind. He may be right! lol
You've done it again Mojo Moxy! I adore your brand, your facebook page admin Izzy and ALL the lovely women I've met posting on that page! You've found yourself a long term fan, and I'm not going ANYWHERE! Currently Izzy is giving away these Mojo Moxy Magic's. 

Now starting October 1st, Mojo Moxy (Izzy) will be giving away multiple pairs of their stunning AND new Lace Poppy's! So, get ready for one hell of a giveaway! All you need to do is post on their facebook or twitter  pages and get Izzy's attention! Good Luck! I'll see you there! :-)

Disclaimer: These Mojo Moxy Magic's were sent to me for free, however, my review is the complete truth and nothing less!